18 May, 2014

Review of the Year

A key event takes place on 29 May. That event is the Review of the Year. It is the members' opportunity to express their views:

  1. What you liked about the last year?
  2. What you DIDN'T like about the last year?
  3. What you'd like to see more of in the future?
  4. Is there anything you'd like the Club to do that we haven't done before?
  5. Would you like to hear external speakers? If so, on what subjects?
  6. What technical skills do you want to learn more about?

If there is anything that could be improved, now is your chance to have your say.  

With the commencement of the new Club year 2014/15, the new Committee has started work and our new Programme Secretary, Alex Montague, has begun work on developing the Programme  for 2014/15. But your input is crucial to make the Club relevant to its members - YOU.

Alex Montague
NEW Programme Secretary

If you can't get to the meeting on 29 May, contact Alex directly:

Remember, it is your Club.
Make it Relevant to You.

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