18 February, 2014

Southport MovieMakers' Film Catalogue: A Dynamic Resource

Recently, the Club announced the commencement of a significant new project – the creation of a catalogue covering all the films that the Club has made over the last 65 years, including films made by small groups within the Club and individual members.

The Catalogue will be addressing the past 65 years’ productions but will also be keeping up-to-date with the very recent, current – and future productions, so that, as the Club evolves, so does the Catalogue, reflecting that dynamism.

Our Archives Officer will be addressing the past but as regards the very recent, current and future – that’s where the members have direct input.

Southport MovieMakers’ Film Catalogue will provide the opportunity to:

1. Showcase members’ contributions to group productions
2. Showcase members’ individual productions
3. Provide members with the opportunity to learn more about the Club’s past, present – and future
4. Publicise even more what we are all about

It is a very big project for the Club and therefore when batches of the films have been fully catalogued, they will be published, on a gradual, ongoing basis.

So, how can members have direct input into this project and showcase their films?
Members are very much encouraged to submit their films to the Club Film Catalogue.
A dedicated page has been set-up on the Club web site for members to enter their films.

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