19 January, 2014

Southport MovieMakers Launches NEW Film Catalogue

For 2014, Southport MovieMakers is pleased to announce the launch of a BRAND NEW Film Catalogue. We have been producing films for sixty five years and with the Film Catalogue have begun the significant task of putting this significant body of work online. In this first batch of films, we present films covering the genres of comedy, comedy-drama, drama, experimental, horror and sci-fi:

  • A retired Jedi spends his days tending to his garden when he is interrupted by a young douche bag.
  • Two young brothers (who are not very efficient) rob a local shop to get some money. They drive back home, bickering as they do so. Mother is a bit of a dragon so they decide to go out again to the local pub - still planning further 'scams' ... But mother has the last word!
  • Clarence Leek is a very lonely man. His only friend is his Goldfish, Bob. He is about to reach age thirty, but who is he going to celebrate his birthday with?
  • John Turner is agoraphobic. He hasn't been out of the house in years but when his daughter is kidnapped he must find the courage to face the world.
  • How does a 16-year-old cope with transferring from a bicycle to a wheelchair, and how does it affect his state of mind and the action he takes?

And more…….

Each catalogue entry includes:

  1. Title of Film
  2. Director(s)
  3. Producer(s)
  4. Script
  5. Editor
  6. Cinematography
  7. Music
  8. Storyline/background information
  9. Source of the idea for the film
  10. Genre(s)
  11. Awards
  12. Link to Film Published on the Internet (if available)
  13. Production still photographs (if available)

                                                                 And more…….

The first ten films are just the beginning. 

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