21 January, 2014

Chairman's Choice

Earlier this month, our Chairman, Peter Ravenscroft, presented a selection of his films. Here he writes about that selection:

I have been a member of Southport Moviemakers for 13 years, on and off (mostly off), and in that time I have produced a variety of film projects and been involved in many others.

The Chairman's Choice evening will feature a range of my work from over the past ten years and will include:

  • 'Who's There?' (2001): Only my second film, based on a nightmare and shot on my then state of the art Canon XL1
  • 'Thanks, Uncle Mike' (2002): A birthday party takes a turn for the worst when the guests arrive.  Featuring our very own Paul Bagshaw in a supporting role.
  • 'Tuesday Morning, 5.17' (2003): Arguably the film I am most proud of, this is the 2003 remake of my very first short film.  The reclusive Arthur is troubled by a visitation from two unwelcome guests and is forced to face up to things he would rather forget.
  • Examples of work I have completed in my academic career and a few tasters of my recent YouTube animations based on Doctor Who.

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