26 November, 2013

"Completing the Story" Première

A few weeks ago, with the commencement of the first project of the year, groups of film-makers in the Club started work on various projects all of which were united by their premise. Effectively, the scene had been set but as to how the story developed, that would be up to each individual group. Of course, this is where that wonderful thing called imagination comes into play to develop creatively the potential of the opening words of the storyline.

This week, as the main feature of the evening, we have the première of the first of the "Completing the Story" Project. This film is entitled Ransom. This film is directed by our highly-experienced member Nigel Barton. The title Ransom suggests a kidnapping but, in this scenario, who exactly is the criminal?

Other award-winning films made by Nigel being screened are:

Mr. Christmas
Who do you think you are Einstein?
Mummy's Boys
Sound Asleep

Production Photographs from the Filming of Ransom:

Photographs from the Other Films being Screened:

                                                                                     Mummy's Boys                                                                 

Day: Thursday 28 November
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

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Michael A said...

Whilst the suggested opening words can set off an idea . . . it was interesting that another Group came up with a similar storyline but sad that for many reasons it never came to fruition.