19 November, 2013

Artworks Première 2013

This Thursday, 21 November, Southport MovieMakers is pleased to present an evening of films produced by Artworks Pictures. Artworks Pictures are the films made by the highly-experienced film-maker and long-standing member of Southport MovieMakers, Paul Bagshaw. 

The programme for the evening is as follows:

‘Southport, A Classic Resort’ is on show as guests arrive

Artworks Picture Gallery
Extracts from Past Productions 

In Cambridge
Camera Interviews with visitors to the City 

This short documentary is one of three productions shot on a hand-held camera, the others being Broken and On the Streets.  It differs from most ‘holiday’ films in that it contains one-minute interviews with people chosen at random to explain why they had come to the City.  Surprisingly, no-one refused to speak to camera. 

Jake Bugg’s song with the back streets of Liverpool 

Broken is a music video that features a song of the same name, written and performed by 19-year-old Jake Bugg, a young musician who is now becoming increasingly popular.  The visuals are filmed in the back streets of the Liverpool city centre using a moving camera with a fish-eye lens. 

Changing the (Avant) Garde
Remember that all art was modern once 

The first section of this visual art documentary deals with the concepts of multiple viewpoint and hierarchy of scale, as seen in Egyptian art, in maps and in the drawings of children.  The second part focuses upon so-called ‘modern art’, and the reasons why it has been so frequently rejected by the majority of people, despite the fact that nearly all art was modern once.  It also addresses the anomaly that abstract visual art puzzles most people, whereas classical music, which is also abstract, does not.     

On the Streets
Liverpool, Southport, Oxford, Cambridge & London 

Street entertainers are now a more common part of urban living, and are not so often ‘moved on’ by the police as they used to be.  This film contains a wide variety of musical and other performances from thirty-four individuals and groups in London, Liverpool, Southport, Oxford and Cambridge.

Lost Opportunities
Youth Unemployment explained by those who experience it 

This film looks at one of society’s current problems of the number of unemployed young people in this country, as well as abroad.  There are some people who assume that, if you don’t work, it is because you don’t want to, but those in this film dispute this belief.   The film addresses the issue with contributions from five young people who want to work but have discovered that the finding of jobs, particularly in the North, is frustratingly difficult. Dr John Pugh, the Liberal Democrat MP for Southport, answers some of their questions.    

Artworks Films planned for 2014
Artworks Films has more films planned for the coming year. See the trailers and hear more about productions that are in the pipeline.

Main Feature
Fork in the Road

The main feature of the evening is a film entitled Fork in the Road. This film film deals with how a 16-year-old copes with transferring from a bicycle to a wheelchair after undergoing a road accident, and what affect it has upon his state of mind and the action he takes.

Meet the Film-maker
Come to the Artworks Première 2013 hosted by Southport MovieMakers this Thursday. See the films and meet the film-maker himself and other members of Southport MovieMakers.

Artworks Première 2013
Hosted by Southport MovieMakers

Day: Thursday 21 November
Time: 7.45 for 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

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