28 June, 2013

Mighty FM: Southport Arts Show – Sunday 30th June

Mighty FM is Southport’s newest Community Radio Station. It currently broadcasts online but from 1 July will be broadcasting on 87.7 FM.

This coming Sunday 30th June, Club member Paul Bagshaw will be interviewed as a guest on Mighty FM’s Southport Arts Show. Paul will be interviewed about the world of film-making in and around Southport, including Southport MovieMakers. Paul is a long-standing member of Southport MovieMakers and is an accomplished film-maker.

Paul will be interviewed by the well-known local actor David Lonsdale. David Lonsdale is best known for his 15 years playing the hapless David Stockwell in ITV’s long running and hugely popular ‘Heartbeat’.

More recently David has returned to the stage and has completed national tours of ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’ and ‘You’re Only Young Twice’ with Melvyn Hayes. He has recently reappeared on ‘The Street’ as Kirsty Soames' violent Father Edwin.

David is a regular pantomime performer and an accomplished singer, and has appeared at the Albert Hall for three years running as a headliner in the TV Times' ‘Carols with the Stars’.

Always keen for a new challenge and a great lover of his home town – David is thrilled to be making his debut as a radio presenter with Mighty FM.

Tune in and listen to David Lonsdale interview 
Paul Bagshaw about film-making in Southport

Sunday 30th June
10.20 – 10.40 a.m.

10 June, 2013

Blowing the Dust Off

This week, we are blowing the dust off are archives. Ashby Ball selects examples of the Society's work from the 64 years of our existence, including dramas and documentaries:

The evening's selection starts with the second film that Southport MovieMakers made, way back in 1950.  Titled “In the Bag”, it features a forger and his assistant, who are producing fake banknotes.  When the forger’s girlfriend accidentally leaves her handbag in the forger’s flat, there are unexpected consequences.

We were offered the script for “A Walk in the Park”, and initially thought it was not our cup of tea. A year on two later we had second thoughts and put it into production.  Vercoe the clown, with one of his unicycles, appears in this film, set in Southport’s Botanic Gardens, with many children taking part.

“One MoreTrophy” is the story of the late Wilf Blundell, proprietor of a large coach holiday firm, whose hobby was stock car racing.  He competed in events all over the country, with his team of followers.

“Beginner’s Luck” was said to be recommended viewing for all members of film-making clubs.  A beginner hopes to get advice on how to use his camera, but a sequence of disappointing events follows.

“Taking the Plunge” deals with that point in any romance when the boyfriend has to meet the girl’s parents.  Here things do not go smoothly.

“Southport” is a promotional film for the town, made by our Society, with a voice-over by BBC newsreader Alvar Liddell,  released in 1958.