26 May, 2013

Southport MovieMakers Awards Emerging Local Film-maker: Electron Trophy Winner - 2013

Southport MovieMakers is pleased to announce that this year’s winner of the Electron Trophy is Andy Harrison. The ELECTRON TROPHY is awarded each year by Southport MovieMakers for the best movie produced from its members during the course of the year.

The title of this year’s winning film is Goldfish. The idea for the film came quite simply from an original poem by the Greek poet Jim Ver, with whom Andy collaborated in making the film; Ver also wrote the music for the film.

The poem told of how goldfish lived their lives, i.e. in short bouts of time, having a very short memory, repeating experiences over and over. Andy concluded that the same applied to people suffering from illnesses such as dementia, in care homes, and there was a parallel between the two, “There is the parallel that whilst a goldfish is trapped in a bowl to swim in circles, a nursing home may work the same way for an old person, sort of like a never-ending loop. It seemed quite necessary that I mix the two together.”

Andy described this particular film as being “a departure from the things I have learnt and usually hone within my films. The poem required a film to be very restrained and subtle, which is far from my usual work. It is representative most of what I have learnt in directing actors on screen to create a character that is believable and emotive.”

Andy is one of the substantial group of young film-makers at Southport MovieMakers. However, for this production, the key character, played by Alan Beddows, is an elderly resident of care home. Andy acknowledged that he chose Alan for the role because they were on “very similar wavelengths”, adding that, “..it is always a good experience regardless of age.”

Although relatively prolific, Andy is very much learning with each successive project. What did he learn in making Goldfish? He confirmed his preference for “active filmmaking” rather than the somewhat subdued style of this project. Nevertheless, “....it is interesting to test out other genres and forms of filmmaking.” In terms of skills, his film-making has developed with regard to editing, “I have learnt that editing is very important to the pacing of a film, and is something I need to work on tightening up, putting the film’s pace before my own indulgence.”

Andy Harrison
Electron Trophy Winner - 2013

Interview with Andy Harrison

Alan Beddows
Key character in Goldfish

Andy's next project is a short film called “Black Out”, focusing on a man who suffers from an illness causing him to black-out and kill people, rendering his memory completely wiped when he wakes.

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