05 March, 2013

Eclectic Mix of Films from Orpington

This week we have an eclectic mix of films from Orpington Video & Film Makers to view.

Miracle of Altnahara
A Scot tells the tale of how a herd of cattle was saved from freezing to death by a mysterious lady.

The Yellow Eye Penguins
Observation of penguins in New Zealand.

Talk about the Things You’d Like to Do
Visuals accompany the song “Happy Talk” from “South Pacific”.

1977 & 2002 Jubilees
Archive footage transferred from cine film, including close-up footage of HM the Queen.

Scenes from the Seaside
Rowing races in the sea off a South coast beach.

Talk to my Cat
Conversation with a talking cat.

No More Alone
Maurice wanders around the streets, seeing builders busy at work. He has been sacked from his job because he has epileptic fits three or four times a year.

He is introduced to a club for epileptic people, who have socials, outings and amateur dramatics. These activities provide enjoyment and build confidence, so that, hopefully, people afflicted can gain employment again.

This film was transferred from cine film, and was probably made about 50 years ago.

Picture Picture
A man looks through his collection of framed pictures, stored in his garden shed. They are magical pictures. One appears to be an empty frame, but if he puts his hand through, the hand disappears from view. Another shows a man’s face, but the back of his head appears on the reverse side.

Gold Fever
A look at the site of Australia’s gold rush.

Greenland’s Ice-cold Beauty
The impressive landscape of ice floes.

Greenland 2007 – Greenland Bites
A journey by ship through Denmark Strait. We encounter stormy weather and the ship cuts through the ice.

Moon Song
Captivating images of the moon.

My Working Holiday
A refrigerator, clock and barrel are transformed.

Charles Henry Robinson
An American who saw military service in World War 1 enjoys the English countryside. Eventually he sees that Ihgtham Mote is on the market. This is a medieval moated manor with 638 acres of grounds. He is returning to the States and decides not to purchase it, as he is only in England for a few weeks each year.

However, eventually his family helps him to acquire it in 1953, and he moves to England to live there. Later he moves back to America, and on his death in 1985 leaves the house to the National Trust.

The maker of this film does his best to film railways etc. as they would be in the 1920’s or 1930’s.

Day: Thursday 7 March
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.