12 December, 2013

Let There be Music

Looking ahead a little to 9 January 2014 – that’s only four weeks away – our second project of the year starts, that is, producing a music video. To help our members with this project, resources have been posted onto the Club web site. After Christmas, getting immersed in a new project may help restore focus, should it be needed.

If you have a piece of music in mind for a video and would like to take up a new interest in the New Year, then contact us. Alternatively, follow us on Twitter.

05 December, 2013

Southport MovieMakers - Now on Twitter

Southport MovieMakers is pleased to announce that the Club is now on Twitter:

Southport MovieMakers Scores Record Success

At the recent North West Festival of the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers (IAC), Southport MovieMakers scored a record success by winning no less than six awards for its film entitled Fork in the Road.

The film was a joint project between Southport MovieMakers and the long-standing member of the Club, Paul Bagshaw (Artworks Pictures).The premise of the film poses the question: How does a 16-year-old cope with transferring from a bicycle to a wheelchair after a road traffic accident, and how does it affect his state of mind and the action he takes?

The film was awarded in SIX categories:

1. IAC NW: Rhyl Cup (Best Club Entry)
2. Overall Winner
3. Best Editing
4. Best Sound
5. Best Script & Story
6. Best Actor: Robbie Fletcher-Hill

The film, the source of the idea for which was a wheelchair, was directed by Peter Ravenscroft of Southport MovieMakers.

Capitalising on the success of the film, a sequel is planned for 2014.

01 December, 2013

Southport MovieMakers' Archives and The Atkinson’s Big Open Weekend

This weekend sees celebrations of the successful completion of the first stage of the ambitious redevelopment of the Atkinson Centre in Southport. We are very pleased that as part of these celebrations, the Atkinson Centre is screening material from the archives of Southport MovieMakers: Southport on Film – a Nostalgic View of the Classic Resort. Material being screened showcases Southport’s past local events, coastal heritage, Royal Visitors and much more.

Southport on Film

30 November, 2013

The so Subtle Advert

On Thursday 12 December, Club member Les Thomas presents his view of the world of advertising.

In making our movies we know how challenging it can be to edit a film down to a certain time span, often to make it the length required for a competition entry. How amazing then to watch an advert that tells a story in just thirty or sixty seconds.

We are bombarded by advertising every waking minute. It can be very irritating, but it can also be very persuasive, and often so subtle, that we are not aware that we are being influenced.

In a broad sweep of commercial advertising, and particularly in our homes via television, we will see how the genre has changed through the years in an attempt to persuade us to "buy the dream".

It is worth remembering that advertising is, of course, a crucial source of funding of the pursuit of creative talent. Indeed, some famous film directors started off directing TV commercials, such as Ridley Scott and Alan Parker.

Some lessons to be learned, that may perhaps be applied later in the year in Project Three, making a short promotional film about the Club itself.

Day: Thursday 12 December
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

26 November, 2013

"Completing the Story" Première

A few weeks ago, with the commencement of the first project of the year, groups of film-makers in the Club started work on various projects all of which were united by their premise. Effectively, the scene had been set but as to how the story developed, that would be up to each individual group. Of course, this is where that wonderful thing called imagination comes into play to develop creatively the potential of the opening words of the storyline.

This week, as the main feature of the evening, we have the première of the first of the "Completing the Story" Project. This film is entitled Ransom. This film is directed by our highly-experienced member Nigel Barton. The title Ransom suggests a kidnapping but, in this scenario, who exactly is the criminal?

Other award-winning films made by Nigel being screened are:

Mr. Christmas
Who do you think you are Einstein?
Mummy's Boys
Sound Asleep

Production Photographs from the Filming of Ransom:

Photographs from the Other Films being Screened:

                                                                                     Mummy's Boys                                                                 

Day: Thursday 28 November
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

19 November, 2013

Artworks Première 2013

This Thursday, 21 November, Southport MovieMakers is pleased to present an evening of films produced by Artworks Pictures. Artworks Pictures are the films made by the highly-experienced film-maker and long-standing member of Southport MovieMakers, Paul Bagshaw. 

The programme for the evening is as follows:

‘Southport, A Classic Resort’ is on show as guests arrive

Artworks Picture Gallery
Extracts from Past Productions 

In Cambridge
Camera Interviews with visitors to the City 

This short documentary is one of three productions shot on a hand-held camera, the others being Broken and On the Streets.  It differs from most ‘holiday’ films in that it contains one-minute interviews with people chosen at random to explain why they had come to the City.  Surprisingly, no-one refused to speak to camera. 

Jake Bugg’s song with the back streets of Liverpool 

Broken is a music video that features a song of the same name, written and performed by 19-year-old Jake Bugg, a young musician who is now becoming increasingly popular.  The visuals are filmed in the back streets of the Liverpool city centre using a moving camera with a fish-eye lens. 

Changing the (Avant) Garde
Remember that all art was modern once 

The first section of this visual art documentary deals with the concepts of multiple viewpoint and hierarchy of scale, as seen in Egyptian art, in maps and in the drawings of children.  The second part focuses upon so-called ‘modern art’, and the reasons why it has been so frequently rejected by the majority of people, despite the fact that nearly all art was modern once.  It also addresses the anomaly that abstract visual art puzzles most people, whereas classical music, which is also abstract, does not.     

On the Streets
Liverpool, Southport, Oxford, Cambridge & London 

Street entertainers are now a more common part of urban living, and are not so often ‘moved on’ by the police as they used to be.  This film contains a wide variety of musical and other performances from thirty-four individuals and groups in London, Liverpool, Southport, Oxford and Cambridge.

Lost Opportunities
Youth Unemployment explained by those who experience it 

This film looks at one of society’s current problems of the number of unemployed young people in this country, as well as abroad.  There are some people who assume that, if you don’t work, it is because you don’t want to, but those in this film dispute this belief.   The film addresses the issue with contributions from five young people who want to work but have discovered that the finding of jobs, particularly in the North, is frustratingly difficult. Dr John Pugh, the Liberal Democrat MP for Southport, answers some of their questions.    

Artworks Films planned for 2014
Artworks Films has more films planned for the coming year. See the trailers and hear more about productions that are in the pipeline.

Main Feature
Fork in the Road

The main feature of the evening is a film entitled Fork in the Road. This film film deals with how a 16-year-old copes with transferring from a bicycle to a wheelchair after undergoing a road accident, and what affect it has upon his state of mind and the action he takes.

Meet the Film-maker
Come to the Artworks Première 2013 hosted by Southport MovieMakers this Thursday. See the films and meet the film-maker himself and other members of Southport MovieMakers.

Artworks Première 2013
Hosted by Southport MovieMakers

Day: Thursday 21 November
Time: 7.45 for 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

30 October, 2013

Listen to Our Podcasts

Periodically at Southport MovieMakers, we conduct audio interviews with our film-makers and to date, these files have been downloadable as podcasts only. However, we recognise that the requirement to download a file can be off-putting to some site users. Therefore, we have installed an MP3 audio player, so that you can hear the audio directly from the site, without downloading the file. So far, we have two items on the site.

Interview with the cast of  Free Meal
Interview with Young Film-maker Andy Harrison

Let us know what you think

We are preparing more.

25 October, 2013

Films from Harrow

Recently, we did an exchange with Harrow Cine & Video Society and as a result we have a selection of films from their catalogue to screen at our next meeting. At this same meeting, we expect to be screening some of our members' very recent project productions. Therefore, limits on time may mean that only some of the following films may be screened:

The Squirrel
We show how a squirrel survives in the garden, feeding on the peanuts
specially supplied, and sadly each spring, on the tulip bulbs which were not
intended as his lunch.

A budget holiday.

Mysterious Island
Far away on the edge of the Arctic Circle is an island very different from
our own. Lying at the point where two continental plates meet, the constant
movement of the earth's crust creates an unusual and ever-changing

Fearless Fred
A visitor to the garden enjoys a little sunshine.

From a comedy sketch by Victoria Wood and filmed with her kind permission.

Code Breakers
The story of the breaking of the war time Enigma code at Bletchley Park.

Amiens & Notre Dame Cathedral
Amiens is one of the largest northern cities in the Somme province of

The Art of Richard MacDonald
Warm, silvery and rare, the platinum patina of this distinctive series by
the artist creates a play of light; it's a limited edition. Got a spare $25,000?

Film around Bentley Priory and cut to a musical accompaniment.

Sharm el Sheik
A video shot around the exotic location in the Sinia.

Cruising Down the Rhine
A brief look at the activities and scenery while travelling down the River,
set to a popular tune.

The Nearest We got to the Olympics
Our member went to see the Olympic flame leave Headstone Manor and travel
through the streets of Harrow. This would be the closest they got to the

Day: Thursday 31 October
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

02 September, 2013

New Year Starting 5 September

Southport MovieMakers is pleased to announce that the new year (2013/14) is starting this week on Thursday 5 September.

For all the details of the forthcoming year, go to:

07 July, 2013

What are the Roles of Film Production People?

On 4 July, we enjoyed a very interesting talk on what the roles are of the various people involved in producing a film from pre-production, actual shooting and through to post-production. If you'd like to find out more about this subject, please visit our:

28 June, 2013

Mighty FM: Southport Arts Show – Sunday 30th June

Mighty FM is Southport’s newest Community Radio Station. It currently broadcasts online but from 1 July will be broadcasting on 87.7 FM.

This coming Sunday 30th June, Club member Paul Bagshaw will be interviewed as a guest on Mighty FM’s Southport Arts Show. Paul will be interviewed about the world of film-making in and around Southport, including Southport MovieMakers. Paul is a long-standing member of Southport MovieMakers and is an accomplished film-maker.

Paul will be interviewed by the well-known local actor David Lonsdale. David Lonsdale is best known for his 15 years playing the hapless David Stockwell in ITV’s long running and hugely popular ‘Heartbeat’.

More recently David has returned to the stage and has completed national tours of ‘The Titfield Thunderbolt’ and ‘You’re Only Young Twice’ with Melvyn Hayes. He has recently reappeared on ‘The Street’ as Kirsty Soames' violent Father Edwin.

David is a regular pantomime performer and an accomplished singer, and has appeared at the Albert Hall for three years running as a headliner in the TV Times' ‘Carols with the Stars’.

Always keen for a new challenge and a great lover of his home town – David is thrilled to be making his debut as a radio presenter with Mighty FM.

Tune in and listen to David Lonsdale interview 
Paul Bagshaw about film-making in Southport

Sunday 30th June
10.20 – 10.40 a.m.

10 June, 2013

Blowing the Dust Off

This week, we are blowing the dust off are archives. Ashby Ball selects examples of the Society's work from the 64 years of our existence, including dramas and documentaries:

The evening's selection starts with the second film that Southport MovieMakers made, way back in 1950.  Titled “In the Bag”, it features a forger and his assistant, who are producing fake banknotes.  When the forger’s girlfriend accidentally leaves her handbag in the forger’s flat, there are unexpected consequences.

We were offered the script for “A Walk in the Park”, and initially thought it was not our cup of tea. A year on two later we had second thoughts and put it into production.  Vercoe the clown, with one of his unicycles, appears in this film, set in Southport’s Botanic Gardens, with many children taking part.

“One MoreTrophy” is the story of the late Wilf Blundell, proprietor of a large coach holiday firm, whose hobby was stock car racing.  He competed in events all over the country, with his team of followers.

“Beginner’s Luck” was said to be recommended viewing for all members of film-making clubs.  A beginner hopes to get advice on how to use his camera, but a sequence of disappointing events follows.

“Taking the Plunge” deals with that point in any romance when the boyfriend has to meet the girl’s parents.  Here things do not go smoothly.

“Southport” is a promotional film for the town, made by our Society, with a voice-over by BBC newsreader Alvar Liddell,  released in 1958.

26 May, 2013

Southport MovieMakers Awards Emerging Local Film-maker: Electron Trophy Winner - 2013

Southport MovieMakers is pleased to announce that this year’s winner of the Electron Trophy is Andy Harrison. The ELECTRON TROPHY is awarded each year by Southport MovieMakers for the best movie produced from its members during the course of the year.

The title of this year’s winning film is Goldfish. The idea for the film came quite simply from an original poem by the Greek poet Jim Ver, with whom Andy collaborated in making the film; Ver also wrote the music for the film.

The poem told of how goldfish lived their lives, i.e. in short bouts of time, having a very short memory, repeating experiences over and over. Andy concluded that the same applied to people suffering from illnesses such as dementia, in care homes, and there was a parallel between the two, “There is the parallel that whilst a goldfish is trapped in a bowl to swim in circles, a nursing home may work the same way for an old person, sort of like a never-ending loop. It seemed quite necessary that I mix the two together.”

Andy described this particular film as being “a departure from the things I have learnt and usually hone within my films. The poem required a film to be very restrained and subtle, which is far from my usual work. It is representative most of what I have learnt in directing actors on screen to create a character that is believable and emotive.”

Andy is one of the substantial group of young film-makers at Southport MovieMakers. However, for this production, the key character, played by Alan Beddows, is an elderly resident of care home. Andy acknowledged that he chose Alan for the role because they were on “very similar wavelengths”, adding that, “..it is always a good experience regardless of age.”

Although relatively prolific, Andy is very much learning with each successive project. What did he learn in making Goldfish? He confirmed his preference for “active filmmaking” rather than the somewhat subdued style of this project. Nevertheless, “....it is interesting to test out other genres and forms of filmmaking.” In terms of skills, his film-making has developed with regard to editing, “I have learnt that editing is very important to the pacing of a film, and is something I need to work on tightening up, putting the film’s pace before my own indulgence.”

Andy Harrison
Electron Trophy Winner - 2013

Interview with Andy Harrison

Alan Beddows
Key character in Goldfish

Andy's next project is a short film called “Black Out”, focusing on a man who suffers from an illness causing him to black-out and kill people, rendering his memory completely wiped when he wakes.

05 May, 2013

Premiere Evening

Club members have recently been involved in making new films, either as a Club Project or as individual’s productions. So that these films can have a significant viewing opportunity, we are planning a Premiere Evening on Thursday 16th May.

The films that will be presented on this evening are as follows:

Restoration of Rotten Row                    
Strolling in Sport                                        

Professional Dust....
When the Sheriff's town is robbed, he relies on a man with no name to catch them.


Summertime and You
A father is asleep, dreaming of returning home late from work one Christmas Eve. He knows that his family is safe in bed. His wife has left him a note of things to do before he goes to bed.

A documentary about the life, times and eventual death of Albert Einstein.

Choo Choo
Callum Hallthorne is one of You Tube's most revered and prolific train spottters, specialising in fulfilling the requests of other people. So when one request leads him to a non-steam train, he decides to find out who is setting him up and to set them right.

Resident Evil: Hunk’s Story

One Night
An act of conspiracy following the chance meeting of two company reps needs to be unravelled.  

This Evening will also give us the opportunity to invite along family and friends, and those people who have provided us with venues. Wine and refreshments will be served after the films.

Day: Thursday 16 May
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

05 March, 2013

Eclectic Mix of Films from Orpington

This week we have an eclectic mix of films from Orpington Video & Film Makers to view.

Miracle of Altnahara
A Scot tells the tale of how a herd of cattle was saved from freezing to death by a mysterious lady.

The Yellow Eye Penguins
Observation of penguins in New Zealand.

Talk about the Things You’d Like to Do
Visuals accompany the song “Happy Talk” from “South Pacific”.

1977 & 2002 Jubilees
Archive footage transferred from cine film, including close-up footage of HM the Queen.

Scenes from the Seaside
Rowing races in the sea off a South coast beach.

Talk to my Cat
Conversation with a talking cat.

No More Alone
Maurice wanders around the streets, seeing builders busy at work. He has been sacked from his job because he has epileptic fits three or four times a year.

He is introduced to a club for epileptic people, who have socials, outings and amateur dramatics. These activities provide enjoyment and build confidence, so that, hopefully, people afflicted can gain employment again.

This film was transferred from cine film, and was probably made about 50 years ago.

Picture Picture
A man looks through his collection of framed pictures, stored in his garden shed. They are magical pictures. One appears to be an empty frame, but if he puts his hand through, the hand disappears from view. Another shows a man’s face, but the back of his head appears on the reverse side.

Gold Fever
A look at the site of Australia’s gold rush.

Greenland’s Ice-cold Beauty
The impressive landscape of ice floes.

Greenland 2007 – Greenland Bites
A journey by ship through Denmark Strait. We encounter stormy weather and the ship cuts through the ice.

Moon Song
Captivating images of the moon.

My Working Holiday
A refrigerator, clock and barrel are transformed.

Charles Henry Robinson
An American who saw military service in World War 1 enjoys the English countryside. Eventually he sees that Ihgtham Mote is on the market. This is a medieval moated manor with 638 acres of grounds. He is returning to the States and decides not to purchase it, as he is only in England for a few weeks each year.

However, eventually his family helps him to acquire it in 1953, and he moves to England to live there. Later he moves back to America, and on his death in 1985 leaves the house to the National Trust.

The maker of this film does his best to film railways etc. as they would be in the 1920’s or 1930’s.

Day: Thursday 7 March
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

05 February, 2013

Evening Dedicated to Young Film-makers

In recognition of the recent significant growth in the numbers of young film-makers having joined Southport MovieMakers, at the next meeting on 7 February, we are having an evening dedicated to the Young Film-makers. We will be viewing a range of their work.

The influx of younger people has done a great deal to invigorate the activity of the Club, and to increase the number of films made, or in production.

Let’s celebrate the work of our young film-makers.

Day: Thursday 7 February
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

03 February, 2013

Southport's Young Moviemakers

This blog post has been contributed by Club member Paul Bagshaw, who is currently producing a new group production Fork in the Road.

About seven years ago, three teenagers arrived at Southport MovieMakers.  Like many similar film makers’ groups, our membership then consisted largely of those who had retired or were soon to do so.  One notable exception was Nigel Barton who first appeared at the age of thirteen, and is now an outstanding award-winning film producer.  The three who appeared in 2006 were generally well received by older members, but there were one or two who did not appear to welcome their presence, complaining that they did not mix with the older ones.  Oddly, it had not occurred to them to make the first move by talking to the new arrivals.  The young members attended the Club for just over twelve months, before branching out and making their first production ‘Chocolate Moon’, which was shown on BBC2 and is available for viewing on YouTube.  Soon afterwards, two of them – Mike and Alex decided to start their own company, Serenity Pictures, rather than to follow film courses at university, even though they were qualified to do so.  Alex is and actor/writer and Mike is a cameraman/director/editor, who also works part-time at FACT in Liverpool.  The promise they displayed at seventeen has matured and developed.

When Southport MovieMakers have given presentations at other clubs, and have included younger members in the visiting group, the question raised has often been, ‘How do you manage to attract teenagers to join?’  There are several answers to this, one being the value of an attractive website.  If, as sometimes happens, a young individual turns up, it is unlikely that he or she will return unless there are other young film makers present.  They should be encouraged to bring friends next time they come, for that will increase the possibility of them attending regularly.  A few years ago, a larger number of young people joined the Club, and were keen to become involved.  One well-intentioned older member, who became their mentor, demonstrated some of the procedures of film making to them, but whenever shooting took place, he set up lights, operated the camcorder, and directed the project, with most of the young ones standing watching.  It must be obvious to everyone that learning by doing is best.  You cannot learn to swim by watching from the side, or to drive by sitting on the back seat of a car.

Before you can make a good film, you must make a few moderate films, learning as you go, and making sure that what you do next is better than what you have just completed.  Waiting for ‘inspiration’ can take a long time, so it is sensible to start with a fairly good idea, and to improve it as time passes – mark the page.  The amount of film making in amateur clubs varies, but there is a tendency for some older members to prefer viewing, whilst younger ones are more keen on making.  Over the past twelve months, Southport’s members aged 16 to 21 have grown from seven or eight to twelve – roughly a third of the total membership.  Not surprisingly, the number of films in production has more than doubled, and two seventeen-year-olds, Andy and Lewis, have just held the première of ‘By The Light Of The Sun’, a 91-minute feature film.  Its predecessor, ‘I Live On The Deaths Of Millions’, recently won an award at the North West IAC Film Festival, and can be seen on YouTube.

Our message to the young members is that, as with the other arts, film has no rules.  Of course, there are many traditions and recommended procedures, such as that relating to ‘crossing the line’, but there is nothing that is ‘against the rules’.  Some amateur film makers strenuously avoid ‘jump cuts’, but if you want to make a jump cut, go ahead and do it.  Brian Percival’s 2001 short film ‘About A Girl’ is composed almost entirely of jump cuts, and won a BAFTA Award for Best Short Film in 2001. It is available on the DVD ‘Cinema 16: British Short Films’.  A casual look at the history of the arts reveals that many of those who made significant contributions to artistic development – Beethoven, Samuel Beckett, Marcel Duchamp, Le Corbusier, James Joyce, etc - were themselves ‘rule breakers’.  Something else to consider is that there is no need for films to be word-driven, where the main focus is upon people talking.  Good film makers are aware that the medium is audio-visual, and that stories and ideas can be conveyed by images as well as by words.  A film is not just a radio play with added pictures; so young screenwriters should be encouraged to think about ‘How’, as well as about ‘What’.

One young member, Josh, is not only in the third year of a film degree at Edge Hill University, but also in his third year as Chairman of Southport MovieMakers.  The majority of our members would agree that the influx of younger people has done a great deal to invigorate the activity of the Club, and to increase the number of films made, or in production.  Although many will leave to go to university or employment, those remaining will encourage others to join.  At a time when many clubs are shrinking, ours is managing to retain numbers, with an average weekly attendance of about twenty-five, half of whom are 21 or under.  A few older members of moviemaking clubs can be a little conservative in their aspirations, and that may make them unnecessarily cautious.  However, there is no advantage to be gained by importing that caution into artistic activities.  Older and younger film makers have much to offer each other.  The great benefit for the young is that they are receptive to change, and that they can get away, for much of the time, with living in the present.  This invariably confers energy, freedom, immediacy and risk aversion upon their film projects.  In a mixed-age moviemakers club, that approach can be infectious. Currently there are seven films in production at Southport MovieMakers.  Five of these are by younger members.

Paul Bagshaw

Chocolate Moon
The Making of Chocolate Moon
I Live On The Deaths Of Millions

Film Poster: By the Light of the Sun

26 January, 2013

Isn't that Horror?

While work on group productions will be continuing, other Club members will be considering how events in real life can inspire successful films. One example of this is the horror genre. In this case, the film Scream was inspired by real crimes and became Hollywood's most successful horror movie.


Let's hope that it will be inspiring.

Day: Thursday 31 January
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

19 January, 2013

Southport MovieMakers Welcomes Potential of Southport Film Festival

It was reported in the Southport Visiter this week that, following the significant investment in the new Atkinson Centre in Southport, there is the potential for Southport having its own film festival. Southport MovieMakers very much welcomes both the forthcoming opening of the new facilities at the Atkinson Centre and the potential of a Southport Film Festival.

We would definitely welcome the opportunity to enter one or more of our films. We have won numerous awards in our 64-year existence, in regional, national and international competitions and have entered previous local festivals. More recent productions have won a large number of awards, and two won gold and bronze medals at UNICA, the world amateur film festival in 2009. Prior to the closure of Southport Arts Centre, we gave a show of our local archive films there to a capacity audience.

A film festival would bring publicity to Southport, as well as increased business to local restaurants, shops and hotels. From the perspective of film, a film festival would provide an opportunity for people to see new films and for filmmakers, who might not have their films shown otherwise, to get feedback on them. New talent could be discovered.

The opening of the Atkinson Centre brings a long-awaited venue for many kinds of event. In recent years, the Club has seen a welcome influx of younger film makers, of whom there are now twelve aged 17 to 21, a third of the membership.  Since their arrival, there has been a welcome increase in the number of films produced, and the possibility of showing some of them on the screen at the Atkinson Centre would encourage those who have made them, and interest those who come to view them.

Anything that brings a major event to Southport and reflects our interest and passion for creativity in film should be encouraged. We certainly encourage these developments.

We spoke to the Southport Visiter about this development earlier this week:
Film fest potential welcomed by group

Southport’s Atkinson Centre almost ready to wow crowds - Southport Visitor (17 January 2013)

The Atkinson Development (Sefton Council)

14 January, 2013

Current Group Projects in Development

As well as watching films and hearing visiting speakers, a major part of the core activity of Southport MovieMakers is actual film-making.

This year, Club members have a long list of subject -headings from which to select as the theme for their film:

Music Videos
Filming at Night
Film from Newspaper Story
Film based on Circles
The Chase
Local Events
Horror Film
Local Architecture
Film without Words

07 January, 2013

Is He a Villain or a Good Guy?

One of the positive things about being a member of a national association (The Film and Video Institute) is that we get to share resources. For example, clubs can exchange films so that members in one club can see what another club is producing. On one level, this can provide a measure of benchmarking. On another level, it can be the catalyst that sparks the idea for a new film project. Southport MovieMakers’ films have been viewed around the country and a selection of our films is scheduled to be viewed at Stoke Cine and Video Society next week. Reciprocally, this week (Thursday 10 January), we will be the beneficiaries of seeing the work of Stoke Cine and Video Society.

The films that we will be viewing are as follows:

"Forgotten Hero"
After accompanying Scott on his expedition, Shackleton tells the story of his own attempt to reach the South Pole. The event comes to life dramatically, with shots of the hut he left behind as it is viewed by modern tourists.  (Directed by Alan Wood).

"Vermin" features a householder who cannot insure his property after four break-ins in a row. In yet another burglary he catches the thief, and in a fit of rage murders him with a garden fork. His claim of self-defence hangs in the balance. This is a very well-made film, with authentic locations.

It's often said that actors like to play the villain of the piece/murderers because it gives them something to get their teeth stuck into, particularly so if they've become accustomed to playing the good guy. However, given the motivation for this murderer, is he a villain or a good guy? I'll leave you to figure that one out.

Other films are:
"Disappearing Gun"
"Coffee Maker"
"The Owl and the Pussycat" – Not to be confused with the famous George Segal and Barbra Streisand film of the same title
"Where have all the Flowers Gone?"
"High Eye"
"A Sad Tail"
"Old Boots"
"Road Hog"
"I Spy"
"Hell's Angels"
"It's a Frog's Life"
"Infertile Imagination"

The Film and Video Institute

Day: Thursday 10 January
Time: 8 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: St James' Church Hall,
Lulworth Road, Southport, PR8 2BQ.

05 January, 2013

QR Code - Another Step into the Digital Age

Southport MovieMakers is pleased to announce that it has taken another step into the digital age and has just posted a QR (Quick Response) Code on the Home Page of its web site.

If you have the necessary software installed on your smart phone, your phone’s camera can scan any QR Code and open, immediately, a web site/blog without having to type in the web site address. Depending on the software you have installed, you may be able to send the web address retrieved via e-mail and text message.

Here is the QR code for Southport MovieMakers' Home Page:

QR Code for Southport MovieMakers' Home Page 

It has lots of applications – limited only by the imagination. A real boon to marketing.

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02 January, 2013

Film-making Creativity Can Often Work Well in Partnerships

First of all, Happy New Year.

On Thursday evening 3 January 2013, our Chairman, Josh Gwynne will be presenting his choice of films.

Film-making creativity can often work well in partnerships. Consider Steven Spielberg in partnership with Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen in setting-up DreamWorks; Joel David Coen and Ethan Jesse Coen, together known as the Coen brothers; Ismail Merchant and James Ivory (Merchant Ivory Productions)……and Laurel and Hardy. The list could go on.

This preamble about partnerships is by way of introduction to the theme for this Thursday's meeting. Josh is currently in collaboration with Ian Casey of IanCaseyArts. Such is their industry, that in the last month alone they have worked together on three short projects. Recently, the two have done work for charities including sponsored Santa Dash’s, Help for Heroes and The Fair Trade Company (Southport).

Ian and Josh will introduce a selection of their films (studio work and short films). The evening will feature the premiere of “Me Ian and I” which is a film about Ian and his identity, filmed by Josh and is very experimental; even avant-garde. Josh expects that the film will raise some conversation and questions from the other members of Southport MovieMakers.

Also, Josh and Ian will discuss plans for the future of their partnership in 2013.