06 September, 2012

Knights to Remember

This blog post has been contributed by Club member Tony Glynn. Tony writes below about one of the group productions of 2011/12, King Arthur’s Nutty Knights.

The saga of King Arthur and his gallant band of knights has often been brought to the screen but it has probably never before been presented in the way chosen by three members of Southport MovieMakers. David Wareing, Geoff Williams and Tony Glynn portrayed the noble company in cartoon fashion. They do not claim any historical accuracy for the finished product but they learned much in creating King Arthur’s Nutty Knights – and had a lot of fun in the process.

Some of the stalwarts depicted were cowardly Sir Endor; boozy Sir Osis, the mad surgeon; Sir Lancelot and doggy-loving Sir Winalot.

It was chiefly a series of still cartoons with a tiny modicum of drawn animation. David, as director and chief technical expert, used his wide knowledge of the secrets of computing to bring perfect images to the screen.

Geoff’s well known acting skills were utilised to provide the voice-over, describing the characteristics of each knight in gradely Lancashire fashion, for the team’s research has revealed the hitherto unknown fact that all were reet gradely Lancashire lads.

Tony drew the cartoons, devised the limited animation and was left with a desire to develop more ambitious animation in a feature of wider scope. 

All three had a hand in the script and felt their joint efforts were rewarded when they witnessed the audiences’ appreciation of the offering.

Like many another Southport MovieMakers’ production, King Arthur’s Nutty Knights showed the value of teamwork, bringing various talents and skills together. Anyone joining the Club will find enjoyment in creating films, an opportunity to spread the wings of the talents they bring and, quite likely, to discover talents that they didn’t know they had.

If you have an interest or ability in drawing, painting or animation or in any other aspect of film-making and would like to find out more about the Club, please contact us.  

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