21 November, 2011

Première of MidVillage Bloomers

This Thursday 24 November sees the première of a number of short films by local company Artworks Pictures.  The main production is MidVillage Bloomers, written and produced by Paul Bagshaw, in liaison with Southport MovieMakers who provide most of the crew.  The characters are played by thirteen well-known actors from Southport and Formby.

In the genteel middle England village of Chipping Honeypot, there are several unexplained deaths, which are investigated by Detective Chief Inspector Barnacle, played by Peter Heslin. Crimes occur in Longbottom Hall (Drayton House), the Church of Saint Bruce (St Joseph's, Birkdale), and Mrs Dumpling-Hill-Featherbank's garden (at the home of the Heslins).

The lives of Piles, Lady Longbottom's butler, the Rev. Denis Rostrum USB HDMI, and aristocratic paper boy, Piers de Montford Ponsonby-Smythe are in danger. The true identity of the murderer is revealed only at the end.  

The production is sponsored by Unlucky Fried Chicken and by supermarkets Fiasco and Aldidl.

Although all seats at the première are now taken, a DVD will soon be available from Broadhursts Booksellers and from Southport MovieMakers.

In case you haven't already realised it - this film is a comedy.

Cast from MidVillage Bloomers

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